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Our Technology - Kirkwood, MO

From 3D and low-radiation X-rays, to goop-less crowns, we use the latest technology to make your visit an incredible experience.

Imaging Technology

Our imaging technology allows us to take 3D images of your teeth, similar to a small-scale CAT scan. This gives us much more information than a standard 2D X-ray, allowing for better diagnosis and treatment of your teeth.

Our cone beam machine is advanced imaging and it provides the lowest amount of radiation of any cone beam machine manufactured. The amount of radiation it emits is so low, it is called the “Green Machine”.

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No Goop Crowns

If you are uncomfortable with taking impressions of your teeth because of the impression goop in your mouth, we also have a machine that uses a camera to scan your teeth, taking a “virtual impression” instead.  This is a way to take impressions of your teeth without the goop and trays. These digital impressions (using a camera can be used to make any kind of oral appliance, mouthguard, crown, or other prosthesis for the mouth.

These scans are state of the art and are more accurate than traditional goop impressions, giving better treatment results.

No Goop Crown Dentist in Kirkwood, MO

Low Radiation

In our office, we only use digital x-rays, which have significantly less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Therefore, a full mouth set of x-rays and a panoramic x-ray at our office is less radiation exposure than some common daily activities.

Our machine for taking panoramic X-rays emits some of the lowest levels of radiation in dentistry, and emits the lowest level of radiation of all cone beam machines. That’s why it is called the “Green Machine”.

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